This License Agreement states the terms and conditions of Licensee’s limited copyright license with respect to the digital content (“Licensed Asset”) sold by Squidmore & Company Stationery on Etsy or other platforms and purchased by Licensee.


“The Site” – the website where this Licensed Asset was purchased.
“Licensed Asset” – Any and all digital files downloaded from The Site, including free content.
“Licensee” – the individual person who purchased the Licensed Asset.

Allowed Uses

  • Licensee may make unlimited printed copies of the Licensed Asset for personal use.
  • Licensee may use Licensed Asset digitally for private, personal use.
  • This is an individual license and the Licensed Asset may be used and accessed only by a single individual person, who is the Licensee indicated at the time of purchase.

Prohibited Uses

  • Licensee may not edit / change the Licensed Asset.
  • Licensee may not use the Licensed Asset in any products for resale or other commercial use, even if edited or otherwise changed.
  • Licensee may not distribute or resell the Licensed Asset.
  • Licensee may not store the Licensed Asset on any publicly accessible information system, including but not limited to an online file-sharing service, networked file storage system, or public website.

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